How to be a responsible dog owner


How to be a responsible dog owner

Most people rush the decision of getting a dog without thinking about the fact that it is a huge responsibility. One must know that he can offer his dog all the things it needs : shelter, medical attention, food, affection, training, socialization and exercise.


Every dog needs his own space. If kept outdoors, your dog will need a doghouse to protect him from sunlight or rain and space to move. If you intend on keeping him in an apartment, he will still need a space to call his own.

Medical attention

Your dog will need medical attention and specialized care, even starting from an early age. First of all he will vaccinations and anti-parasitical treatments, both for internal and external parasites. Second of all he will need special care such as trimming his fur, clipping his nails, cleaning his ears etc. At a certain point he might even medical treatment against a disease. To make sure your dog is as healthy as possible you should take him to a vet for regular checkups.


A dog’s diet is of utmost importance especially in the first months of his life. A stable and balanced diet during the growing period will help your puppy become a strong and healthy adult. It is recommended choosing a specialized food for your puppy, sometimes adding vitamins and dog supplements in his diet.


A lot of dog owners make the mistake of underestimating the importance of bonding with their dogs and showing them affection. Dogs are pack animals and they need interaction. When you get a dog you are actually expanding your family. The first step is to make your dog feel welcome and to help him find his place in the „pack”.

Training, socialization and exercise

Socialization is a very important factor in a dogs training and must start as soon as possible. A well-socialized dog is less likely to have problems interacting with other dogs or other animals.

Training your dog is something you can either do on your own or with the help of a professional trainer. Nevertheless, your dog should know at least basic commands that make your life and your dog’s life easier.

Depending on your dog, he will need a certain amount of daily exercise. There are dogs with a low level of activity, that ding daily walks satisfying and there are dogs with a high level of activity, that if they don’t get enough exercise to burn their energy, they start causing household damage.

The most important thing when getting a dog is choosing one that fits your lifestyle. You must be sure you have the financial means to tend to him, that you have time to spend with him and that you are up for the challenge.

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