Signs that your dog might have worms


Signs that your dog might have worms

Signs that your dog might have worms

Parasitic worms are very common for dogs especially for does who live outdoors and have a lot of contact with other canine companions or other animals. Although they are easy to treat most dog owners don’t recognize the signs of an infested dog until the situation starts to become pretty bad.

Below we made a list of some signs that you should keep an eye out for:

1.Pot belly: this is usually seen in puppies that have contracted worms from their mother, before or after birth through the milk, they can also contact this parasite by ingesting worm infected foods or soil.

2.Vomiting: this can be a symptom that your dog is infected with worms. In this case throwing up appears because of the gastrointestinal being affected. Some parasites can be expel in the vomit.

3.Worms or eggs in fecal matter: although not all worms can be seen with the naked eye, some like the tapeworm appear in feces, resembling small rice grains which are actually segments of its body.

4.Change in appetite: sudden appetite change can appear in a dog infected with roundworms due to the parasite consuming its nutrients.

5.Coughing: this symptom may appear if your buddy is infected with hookworms, roundworms and heartworms.

6.Weight loss: if rapid weight loss appears without the dog being on a diet or without him getting a lot of exercise, he may have whipworms or tapeworms.

7.Diarrhea: can indicate worms,if blood appears in stool he may have hookworms.

8.Liking or rubbing its rear on the floor: may be caused by worms that irritate the area but it can also be caused by problems with the anal glands.

9.Lethargy: a dog that is always tired may be a symptom that he is infected with a parasite.

10.Skin irritation: may be the result of a massive infestation with worms.

If you think your dog is infested you should take him to the vet where he will identify the parasite through a series of test and will treat him accordingly.If left untreated his internal organs will be affected resulting in death.

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