Dachshunds - Dog breed groups

Thie group includes 3 hair varieties - short, long and wiry. The german people call them  - Dachshund  - badger dog, because were raised to hunt badgers especially, but can hunt other animals too (rabbits, foxes, boars). According to their sizes, they can divide in 3 groups: standard dachshunds, dwarf dachshunds and Kaninchen or "the little rabbit".

The dogs from this breed are brave, watchful, jolly, tenacious, curious, sociable.

They accommodate easily at the offerd conditions, being a loyal friend of its master, a good watchdog for houses. Due to its hunter instinct, the dogs from this group are not trusful around other animals from the household. That's why they must be socialized since an early age with cats and other pets from the household. To keept their physical shape, they need exercise, without flinging the cap over the windmill, to protect their back.

Dog breeds from this group