Bergamasco / Bergamasco Shepherd Dog, Bergermaschi, Cane da pastore,

Friendship with other dogs
Friendship with strangers
Watch dog
Guard dog
Origin: Italy
Height: 21.45 - 24.18 inch
Weight: 57.2 - 83.6 lbs

Breed history:

This breed's origin is not very well known. Some people say it descends from the Persian Shepherd dog and others consider that it is the successor of the Tibetan Molosser Shepherd dogs. It resembles the French Briard Shepherd dog to which is supposedly related. After World War II, this breed was nearly extinct but its fans were able to save it.


It is a medium-sized, well-built, strong, brawny dog, with a body that's long rather than tall. The head is long, the skull is wide and slightly rounded between the ears, the muzzle is straight with a big, black nose. The ears are triangular, drooping, small and covered with soft, slightly wavy hair and on the side covered with fringes. The fur is double layered with an inner layer that tends to get tangled and an outer layer with long hair and wavy, tangled locks of hair (wisps). On its forehead the hair is very long, covering its eyes. The color of the coat can have various shades of gray up to complete black or grayish-yellow with brown patches. It can, or not, have white or black patches.


It is a brave, alert, intelligent, patient, well-balanced and tireless dog. It has an elegant look and is resistant to weather changes. It gets along well with children but is cautious around strangers and devoted to its master.


While a pup, a regular combing should suffice, but as it grows and the fur begins to tangle, small tufts of hair, of approximately 3 cm in diameter, must be removed by hand. The hair on its head needs regular combing and the bathing should be given regularly only during summer, because it takes a few days to dry.

Living conditions:

It needs daily exercise. It feels good with an experienced owner and if it is kept in a yard, it can exercise on its own. It needs to be socialized and trained.


It is not a hard to train dog. It needs to be socialized from an early age. The training must be firm, but without severe punishments.


It is a shepherd dog, used in the past manly for herding and guarding cattle. Nowadays, it is used as a watchdog and as a companion dog.

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