Bolognese / Bichon Bolognese, the Bolognese Toy Dog, the Bologneser, Bolo, the Botoli, the Bottolo

Friendship with other dogs
Friendship with strangers
Watch dog
Guard dog
Origin: Italy
Height: 9.75 - 11.7 inch
Weight: 6.6 - 8.8 lbs

Breed history:

 It is an old type Bichon, it was initially named the Italian Bichon and is considered by some to be a variety of the Bichon Frise. Similar to the Frise it was brought by sailors in the 15th century and was developed more in the Bologna region, hence the name. Due to its beauty and its grace, it was very appreciated, especially at the royal courts in Italy, Spain and Russia. Catherine de Medicis, Catherine I, the wife of Peter the Great, Maria Theresa, the Empress of Austria had such dogs as companions. Many paintings from the Renaissance period in France, Italy and Spain depict dogs very similar to the Bolognese.


 It is a small-sized dog, also known as a toy dog that has a compact body, long rather than tall. The head is moderately long with a broad and slightly arched skull. Due to its ears that are far apart the head looks larger. The eyes are round, big and dark. The ears are long, set high, drooping close to the head and covered by long hair. At the base, the ear is a little stiff, thereby the upper part remains slightly apart from the skull making the head look wider. The fur has long, soft, wooly, disheveled hair, forming rich tufts, shorter on the muzzle and always white.


 It is an intelligent, graceful, gentle, mild, calm and cheerful dog. It is obedient, affectionate and devoted to its master, it gets along well with children, but it is cautious and watchful with strangers. It gets along well with other dogs and other animals.


 This dog's fur requires daily brushing and combing in order to avoid it getting tangled, especially on the belly, behind the ears, and the area between the legs. It doesn't shed, dead hair is removed through brushing. Excess hair between the footpads and in the ears must be removed. The fur will be washed regularly in order to keep it white and clean.

Living conditions:

 It feels best in a flat, with a loving owner. It is recommended to people who have time to take care of this dog, because their hair is pretentious. It has a medium level of activity, but it doesn't mind long walks. It needs socialization and training.


 With a gentle and consistent training, the desired results can be achieved without any problems, because it is an intelligent dog that is eager to please its master and that's why it easily understands what is required of it.


 It is a pleasant and devoted companion.

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