Boxer / German Boxer, German Bullmastiff, Deutscher Boxer

Friendship with other dogs
Friendship with strangers
Watch dog
Guard dog
Origin: Germany
Height: 20.67 - 24.57 inch
Weight: 55.0 - 79.2 lbs

Breed history:

It originated in the Middle Ages and was obtained through cross-breeding the   Bullenbeissern from Braband with the English Bulldog. The name comes from its habit to raise its front legs when playing and starting to ,,box’’ with its paws. It was recognized as a breed in 1896 along with the establishment of the first Boxer Club "The Deutscher Boxer Club’’.


It is a medium to large-sized dog, with a strong, athletic and square body. It has a large head, with a well-developed muzzle, the jaw is prominent and the nose slightly flattened. The upper lip is large and thick. The eyes are big and dark brown. The ears are medium-sized, cropped to stay erect or can be kept natural. The neck is long and strong. The tail is set high and can be docked. The short, smooth, close-fitting coat comes in 3 different colors: fawn, brindled and white. Unfortunately 80% of white boxers are deaf!


This dog is intelligent, curious, eager to learn, alert, lively, even exuberant and quite active. Loyal and attached to its master, cheerful and friendly especially with children but suspicious with strangers and it can even become aggressive in some circumstances. Not very noisy, it barks only to alarm. Well socialized and educated it will accept other dogs and pets.


The Boxer's coat does not require special care. Occasional brushing and more frequent during the shedding period is enough. Unfortunately, this breed is prone to various forms of cancer. If there are any changes in your dog’s behaviour you should take it to a vet. Strong sunlight should be avoided to prevent skin cancer.

Living conditions:

Having a high activity level, the boxer feels better outdoors where it can have a lot of space to move freely, but will do ok in apartments as long as it gets daily exercise. It needs training, socializing and exercise.


It is an easy to train dog because it is intelligent, learns fast and wants to please its master. Having a lot of energy the Boxer is suitable for various activities such as training and agility competitions.


The boxer is a devoted and trustworthy guardian. It can be used as a guide dog for the blind. It is a pleasant and cheerful companion.

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