Germany - Dog breeds list

Germany is a federal parliamentary republic located in central Europe and is made up of the North German Plain, the central German Uplands and the Southern German Highlands. Germany has an area of about 357.021 square kilometres and is made up of 16 states, the capital is Berlin witch is also its largest city. Germany borders nine neighbors, more than any other country in Europe. It borders Denmark to the North,Poland and Czech Republic to the East,Austria and Switzerland to the south, France and Luxemburg to the Southeast and Belgium with Netherlands to the Northwest.

There are over 20 breeds that originated from Germany, some of which make great hunting partners like the German Shorthaired Pointer, the Munsterlander or the Dachshund others make excellent guarding dogs like the Rottweiler, Doberman and Leonberger(the gentle lion) and some just make incredible companion dogs for example the Pomeranian. The most famous breed developed in Germany is of course the German Shepherd, a medium-sized dog that slightly resembles a wolf. This breed is one of smartest in the world and can take on any given task. Due to its phychological and physical qualities it can be used in the most varied fields of activity: detection, war, intervention, fires, tracking, search and rescue, guide dog and many many other activities.