English Springer Spaniel / Springer, Springer Spaniel

Friendship with other dogs
Friendship with strangers
Watch dog
Guard dog
Origin: England
Height: 18.72 - 19.89 inch
Weight: 39.6 - 50.6 lbs

Breed history:

 Until 1893, when the Kennel Club of Great Britain set the standards, it was considered a variety of the Cocker Spaniel. Since then it has become a separate breed. It is an old English breed known for centuries. The name of Springer (jumper) comes from the movement with which it makes its prey jump from its place. At first it was known as the Wood Spaniel, because it was used only on land. It was very appreciated by hunters. Today we often find it in beauty and agility competitions. There are differences between the dogs which participate in beauty contests and the ones in the agility contests.


 It is a medium-sized, strong, active dog, built for strength and work. It has a rather wide head, proportional to the body, with a slightly arched skull and a wide muzzle, equal in length to the skull, with a well-developed, black or dark red nose. The eyes are egg-shaped, set apart, medium-sized, dark brown. The ears are placed low, at the eyeline, they are long, flat, lobe-like and drooping. The tail is of medium length, carried horizontally and moving when it hunts. By a fast movement, it shows the hunter it is ready to howl or keep hiding. The fur is of medium length, it is thick, soft, straight or slightly wavy, shorter on the head and thicker on the ears, chest, legs and belly. It may be dark red with white, black with white, reddish, blue or dark red or tricoloured (black with white or red white and fawn patches). It has freckles on the muzzle and legs.


 This dog is very active, dynamic, well-balanced, hardworking, ebullient and jolly. It is affectionate, obedient and devoted to its master, friendly with children, it gets along well with other animals and other dogs and it accepts strangers rather easily.


 The fur needs regular brushing and combing and also trimming 2-3 times a year. Excess hair between the footpads, in the ears and below them will be cut, to ensure a good ventilation.

Living conditions:

 It is a dog resistant to weather changes, which adapts easily to the offered living conditions, outdoors or indoors. It has a high level of activity and therefore it needs daily exercise to keep in good physical shape. It likes to take long walks, to run, to play, to participate in agility competitions and trainings and to play fetch. It is a dog with skills for field sports.


 With a consistent, gentle, well-balanced and varied training, lovely results can be obtained because it is an obedient, intelligent dog that likes to learn.


 It is a good bird hunter in the woods and brambles and a jolly and lovely companion.

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