Pug / Chinese pug, Dutch bulldog, Dutch mastiff, Mini mastiff

Friendship with other dogs
Friendship with strangers
Watch dog
Guard dog
Origin: China
Height: 9.75 - 13.65 inch
Weight: 13.2 - 17.6 lbs

Breed history:

It's an over 2000 year old Chinese breed. It was brought in Europe by Dutch merchants. In England it was introduced by William and Mary of Orange at the time of their ascension to the throne in 1688. It spread fast, becoming a favorite with the aristocracy and royal courts of England, Holland, France and Italy. Its fame became even greater after, in the war with the Spaniards, a pug saved king Willhelm the Taciturn's life by sounding the alarm when enemy came near. Pugs were originally brown with a black mask and saddle. The black variety was first created in 1870s.


It is a small-sized, short, square-shaped, chubby dog. The head is large and round. The skull is flat and the muzzle is short, square, flat but not kept high; the forehead is wide with long, deep wrinkles. The eyes are big, prominent and dark. It has a black mask. The ears are delicate, soft, velvet-like and drooping. It has a wide chest. The tail is double-ringed and kept on its back. The fur has short, straight, thick, soft and glossy hair. It can be black, silver, beige, brown with black ears and mask.


 It is an intelligent, calm, sociable, sensitive, trustworthy dog. It is very affectionate and devoted to its master, loving and patient with children. Even if he is vigilant about strangers, announcing their arrival, he then becomes friendly. If socialized with other dogs and other animals from an early age, there won't be any problems later on. It feels the need of attention and becomes jealous if its master offers more attention to someone else. 


 This dog's fur needs occasional brushing with a rubber brush. The skin folds on its face must be kept permanently clean to avoid infection. It must be protected from strong sun rays. It has a tendencies towards snoring.

Living conditions:

 It easily adapts to life in an apartment or house. It feels comfortable with a not very active but careful and loving master or family. It enjoys attention, being part of the family and must not be left alone too long. Although content with short walks, it enjoys running and playing. It needs socializing and training.


It is sensitive to the tone of the voice, intelligent and therefore a gentle, friendly but consistent training will lead to the desired results.


 It is a devoted and affectionate companion.

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