Rottweiler / Rottie, Rott

Friendship with other dogs
Friendship with strangers
Watch dog
Guard dog
Origin: Germany
Height: 21.84 - 26.52 inch
Weight: 74.8 - 129.8 lbs

Breed history:

This breed is the result of the crossbreeding between the dogs brought by the Roman legions and the German shepherd dogs. The name comes from the town Rottweil, the center of cattle and grain merchants, whom they accompanied and protected. It is widely spread in Europe and also in the USA, where it is very loved.


It is a large-sized dog, with a strong and muscular body that inspires strength. The head is medium-sized, wide, with a short and strong muzzle. The eyes are almond-shaped and dark. The ears are medium-sized, pointed, triangular and drooping. The neck is strong, of medium length and the chest is prominent, wide and brawny. The tail is docked. The coat is short, thick and rough. It is black with reddish-brown patches.


This dog is intelligent, brave, obedient, watchful and steadfast. It is very protective and devoted to the family, but especially to one person and if it was socialized with children from an early age, it will be a great playmate for them. The Rottweiler will defend its master and its territory until the end. Socialized from an early age with other household animals it will get along well with them, but it will have a dominant attitude towards other dogs. It is very aggressive with strangers, but accepts friends and relatives if it gets accustomed to them. 


This dog's fur doesn't require special grooming. In order to remove dead hair, especially during the shedding period it is recommended to use a rubber glove that is much more suitable than a regular one. This breed is prone to contracting diabetes that is charaterized by weight lost, hunger and frequent thirst.

Living conditions:

The Rottweiler is recommended for people with experience in raising dogs and should be kept outdoors, in an enclosed space were it can run freely. It needs mandatory training and socialization. 


Because it has a dominant character and is stuborn, the training must begin at an early age. It must be done by a person with experience in training dogs, a calm, cool and well-balanced person. The dog must learn what it is allowed to do and what it is not. The training must firm and consistent, done in a gentle voice, but confident, it must be praised when it did something good. It likes running in a field or in a forest, by to a bicycle, to swim and to play fetch. 


These dogs are perfect for guarding and defending the house and households. They are very devoted companions.

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