Brittany / American Brittany, Brittany Spaniel, Brittany Wiegref, Epagneul Breton

Friendship with other dogs
Friendship with strangers
Watch dog
Guard dog
Origin: France
Height: 17.16 - 19.89 inch
Weight: 28.6 - 39.6 lbs

Breed history:

 It is supposed that it is the result of the crossbreadings between the arabian Sloughi and the french scenthounds dogs, old pointers derived from the Barbet breed. It appeared often in the french tapestried and paintings. It was spread in all France and later settled in Bretagne, where it got an infusion of english, irish and scotish blood from the setters breeds. It is one of the most popular hunting breeds.


 It is a medium sized dog, strong, trig. The head is round, the skull has medium lenght, the snout pretty sharp, with big, brown or pink nose, after the colour of the fur. The eyes are medium sized and dark brown. The ears are short, round ended and left near the head. The tail is short from birth and if it is longer, than 10 cm are cut from it, it is carried straight or hanged and has in top a hair tuft. The fur is made from smooth, thick, silky a bit curly hair with fringes on the neck, belly and the posterior side of the feet. The colour is white and orange, white with brown-reddish (most frequent) white and black, tricolour or red, white and black.


 It is an intelligent, exuberant, active, lively, sensitive, friendly, tenacious dog.It is submissive and devoted to the master, gentle and loving with children. It barks a little when it feels danger. It gets along well with other dogs and other animals from the household.


 A casual brushing is enough for keeping the fur, for not getting tangled.

Living conditions:

 It is adog with a high level of activity and feels good next to an active master, who spends a lot of time in nature. It likes to have fenced space for moving, to participate in canine sports, like agility and flyball contests, to swim, to play fetch. It needs training.


 It is a dog which is easily to train because it is submissive, intelligent, and learns fast. With a calm tone, a soft voice, a consequent attitude, good results can be obtained.


 It is an excelent timekeeper and fetcher. It hunts in woods and bushes. It is a pleasant companion.

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