France - Dog breeds list

France is the largest country in Western Europe and the third-largest in Europe. It has a population of over 65 million and this romantic language is the second most studied after English. France shares borders with Belgium to the North East, Germany and Luxemburg in the East as well as with Italy and Switzerland to the South East. It has been ranked as the first tourist destination in the world with over 79.5 million tourists in 2011 leaving in second place the US with 62.3 million in 2011. There are many incredible things to visit in this wonderful country like the Louvre the most visited art museum in the world, Mont Saint-Michel, Gorge du Verdon and of course who can forget the symbol of France the Eifel Tower.

There are over 20 dog breeds that were developed in France, quite a big number. One of the oldest breed that originated from France is the Dogue de Bordeaux a very powerful dog used for different activities like pulling carts, guarding flocks, protecting castles and even in bloody sports like dog fights or even fights with bears. Another lovable breed developed in France is the French Bulldog, a very playful, affectionate and loyal dog mostly known for his small size, strong body and his bat-like ears. This little fallow was very fashionable among ladies, writers and fashion designers. There are many other interesting and beautiful dog breeds that worth reading about like The Bloodhound, The Poodle, The Basset Hound, Briard, Brittany and the list goes on and on.