Carpathian Shepherd Dog / Carpathian sheepdog, Romanian Carpathian Shepherd, Romanian Carpatin Herder

Friendship with other dogs
Friendship with strangers
Watch dog
Guard dog
Origin: Romania
Height: 23.4 - 28.47 inch
Weight: 77.0 - 110.0 lbs

Breed history:

 It is a Romanian breed that was naturally formed in the Danube Carpathian region and was selected by the shepherds from the Carpathian Mountains, according to empirical criteria. Today it is very widespread throughout the country and is very appreciated and used for guarding and protection.


 It is a large-sized, strong, robust, imposing dog. The body is massive, sturdy, rectangular, long rather than tall, has a strong skeleton and a wide and tall chest. It is not a heavy dog. The head is strong, massive, sturdy, with a conical, well-developed muzzle, slightly shorter than the skull, which is rounded. It has a moderate stop. The eyes are not too big compared to the head, almond-shaped, slanting and dark. They are not prominent or deeply-set. The ears are V-shaped, set slightly higher than the head level, round-ended and drooping. The neck is thick and strong. The tail is bushy, covered with long and thick hair. It is set high; when at rest the tail is kept low with the tip a bit bent and reaches the level of the hock; when alert it is kept high and can surpass the backline. The fur is double-layered, with a short and thick inner layer and a flat, rough and thick outer layer. On the head and the front side of the legs the hair is short and on the body it is abundant. The colour of the coat is similar to that of sand, in lighter shades on the sides and darker on the back. It can have white patches but not too large. The general appearance is that of a wolf.


 It is an intelligent, jolly, active dog. It is brave, proud, well-balanced, calm, obedient, with a very well-developed guarding instinct. It is friendly and devoted to its master and family, but suspicious of strangers. Proves great courage towards potential predators (wolves, bears, lynx).


 The fur will be brushed occasionally, not to get tangled. It is one of the few dogs that does not signal any health problems.

Living conditions:

 It is resistant to bad weather. It feels best outdoors in a well-fenced yard, but it can also adapt in a flat if it gets daily walks and runs.


 This dog is not hard to train because it is obedient and loves to make its master happy. Beautiful results can be achieved with a gentle and consistent training.


 It is a good watchdog for herds and house. It is a good companion dog and loves to play with children.

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