Finland - Dog breeds list

Finland is a Nordic country situated in the Northern Europe and is most known for its unspoilt natural beauty, having thousands of lakes and islands (188.000 lakes and 179.000 islands). It is bordered by Russia to the East, Norway to the North, Sweden to the west and Estonia to the south. It has a population of over 5.4 million people with the majority concentrated in the southern regions.

Finland has quite a few interesting dog breeds. For example the Karelian Bear Dog is regarded as a national treasure. It is a fearless dog that is commonly used for hunting aggressive game like bear, wild boar and elks. The breed got its name for his ability to hunt and offer protection against bears. Another beautiful breed that is quite popular in Finland is the Finnish Lapphund, an old breed hat was raised and developed by the Scandinavian people, the Sami. This breed was used as a watchdog, for herding reindeer and for hunting.