Wirehaired Pointing Griffon / Korthals Griffon, Griffon d’arret a poil du Korthales

Friendship with other dogs
Friendship with strangers
Watch dog
Guard dog
Height: 19.5 - 23.4 inch
Weight: 44.0 - 59.4 lbs

Breed history:

 Dogs similar to this one had been described by Xenofon in his works about 400 years B.C. Present specimens are the result of a selection and breeding carefully done by the breeder E. K. Korthals, through crossbreedings between pointers from Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and France and with German breeds with wiry hair. It is beloved and widely spread in Europe and the USA and it is the only continental pointer Spaniel, which wasn't crossed with English dogs. 


 It is a medium- to large-sized dog, longer rather than taller. The skull is round and is of equal length to the muzzle, which is rectangular, with a brown nose. The eyes are big, round and yellow to brown in colour. The ears are medium-sized, long, drooping, close to the head. It has bushy eyebrows and a moustache. The tail is medium-sized in length and is half or 3/4 docked and is kept horizontally. The fur is double-layered with an outer layer made of rough, straight or wiry, waterproof hair. The colour can be blue, silver, gray with brown patches, completely fawn or white with fawn. 


 It is an intelligent dog, very dynamic, brave, watchful, sociable, friendly, eager to learn and to please its master. Affectionate and devoted to its master, it loves children, it is quite suspicious of strangers. It accepts other dogs and other animals, if it was socialized from an early age. 


 This dog's fur must be brushed and combed regularly, to remove dead hairs and to keep its pleasant look.

Living conditions:

It is a dog with a high level of activity, which likes to do a lot of exercise. It is recommended to active people who have free time to take care of the dog, to take it out for long walks, to practice canine sports, to let it run besides a bicycle, swim and play fetch. It can be kept in an apartment, but it feels better in an enclosed yard where it can move and run freely. It needs socialization and training.


It is an intelligent dog, eager to please its master, which easily understands what is asked of it, therefore the training is not difficult. Nevertheless, the training should be firm, consistent, but gentle, fun and varied in order not to make the dog lose interest. It has good results in different canine sports. 


 It is an excellent hunter in all kinds of fields, in any climate and for any type of game. It is a good watchdog and a pleasant companion.

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