Retrievers - Flushing Dogs - Water Dogs - Dog breed groups

This group contain hunting dogs specialized for small prey from thicket and marshes, characterized through a jolly temper, resistant at tiredness and bad weather, good sense of smell and passion for fetching. They are trained to incite the prey only at hunter's command and, after the gunshot, they must wait for the command "Fetch it!" to take the killed or just hurt prey.

They are pretty big sized dogs, with expressive eyes, long and floppy ears, very good sense of smell, with a special passion for searching and fetching the prey.

They are intelligent, jolly, active, friendly, gentle dogs, they like to work, they are submissive and brave. They get along well with other animals from the household, especially if they were socialized since an early age.

 They can accommodate easily in an active family, because they like exercise, activities in open air, they love children. If in the past, they were used only at hunting, today they were taught to be more useful to people. Due to their very acute sense of smell can be trained for finding the dopes, to find a trace of robbers, of missing persons after natural disasters. They are pleasant and devoted companion dogs.

Dog breeds from this group