Pointing dogs - Dog breed groups

These dogs are trained for the examination of the field. They are characterized through the fact that, in the moment they are feeling the prey "are pointing it", they stop and stay in "set position", they freeze in the position they caught the prey smell and stay fixed "stone-still", with a pad upped and the snout in the prey direction, until the hunter is coming close. The pointers or the pointer spaiels are trained to incite the prey only at hunter's command.

They are big sized dogs, with expressive eyes, big anf floppy ears, very good sense of smell and with a special passion for searching the prey. They are active through their character (they need much exercise), submissive, loyal, gentle. Having a pretty powerful hunter instinct, they are not trustful around small animals, including cats. Many from these dogs were raised to work far away from the hunter and could have an independent thinking, and have the tendency to roam.

The most love the time spent with the family and there is nothing to like more than playing, no matter if it's on water or on field. All the breeds from this group accommodate easily in the life of an active family. The most love children, activities in open air.

Appreciated for these qualities and for their garce, many dogs from this group became companion dogs.

Dog breeds from this group