Sighthounds - Dog breed groups

With provenances from Middle East and Asia, the Sighthounds represent the aristocracy of canine breeds. No matter the breed, they are all alike between them: thin and sharp head, long and narrow body, long and thin legs, strong muscles, elegant look.

They hunt with sight, without tracking down the hunt trace, only chasing the prey. For raising the hunters's efficiency, the sighthounds were put to work with usual dogs (hounds), because these ones were inciting the prey and pushing it in open air. Later they were used at dog races, which became a noble and civilized sport. They were organized in Gaul before romans. In Middle Ages, the first canine races were authorized above more than 400 years, under the reign of Henry VIII, but only in Elizabethan England were normalisez the rules for race, were found associations, were built tracks and raised dogs specialized for run. The english sighthound (Greyhound) and Sloughi are the deftest Sighthounds, but the best sprinter is the Whippet, invincible on distances until 180-200m. On medium distances, 400-500 m, the best is the Greyhound, and on long ones for more than 600m, it's still Sloughi. They like to run near a bike, on long distances. It is not recommended to be let freely without a leash, because it hunts everything it sees.

Due to its elegant silhouette, nowadays, many times the sighthounds are raised in flats were are creating a special scenery, but foreign of its real fate.

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