Companion and Toy Dogs - Dog breed groups

The dogs from this breed are making a very varied palette. They belongs to a big number of breeds, which the man created from the wish to have them as companions in his family.

Some breeds have a big size, imposing, like the Dalmatian, Chow Chow, standard Pudle, big sized German Spitz; others represents the typical shape of some big sized breeds or medium sized breed and reproduce in miniature, its conformation, character and personality: Dwarf Schnauzer, Dwarf Pinscher, Dwarf Spitz etc.

Many companion dogs from today came from utilitarian breeds. There are "ex" dogs, like Barbet - ex-dog for pointing, the Dalmatian, ex-dog for hunting and guarding, the Terrier, ex-dog for hunting etc.

Other are the result of the imagination and fantasy of breeders, and have a specific shape, for the own purpose they were created: Pekingese, Bichon Maltese etc.

A very big fantasy reigns in their external look and their colour: some of them have the hair very curly, other are completely covered with bushy hair, others, on the contrary, are real nudists which have just a hair forelock in the top of the head, or not even that.

Some breeders, in their wish to get more graceful specimens (Toys), dwarfed excessively their size and weight, arriving at very short results, which are weighting 1 kilo or even less, with delicate and neurotic conformation. Such practices were convicted.

As far back as the Greek and Roman's Antiquity, but especially on the brick of Renaissance, to own very beautiful dogs became a kind of snobbery. The women, and especially the highborn ones, to whom the hunt was uninteresting, poured theit affection on small sized breeds, comanion dogs, amusement dogs, on which they were spoiling them, were decorating with ribbons, creaing this way the fashion of luxury dogs.

The revolutions, the consolidation of democracy, transformed everywhere the dog's life, as they transformed the man's life.


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