Spitz and Primitive types - Dog breed groups

Spitz type dogs, or nordic breeds, as they are also called, even they were borned on different continents, they all have their origins in North, in a cold climate, harsh, which caused the surviving at only healthy, sturdy specimens. Generally they have mani similarities: the bushy, double fur, the sharp ears, the tail sharp and bent on the back. They are like wolves at the look and behaviour.

These dogs has and have varied uses: hunting, herding and guarding the cattle herds, watching and defending, companionship, destroying the pests, at the sleighs tug.

These dogs love the exercise, long walks, to some of them like to roam, going away from home when they can, especially the dogs from the breeds with a powerful hunter instinct (Akita Inu, Alaskan Malamute, Samoyed, Husky), like to pull the sleigh, but man should take care for not letting them to make much activities at teperatures over 15°C. These dogs feel the best in a cold climate, loving the snow and low temperature.

It gets along well with other dogs, they are not aggressive, are pretty sociable, to some of them really don't like the loneliness, and prefer the comany of other dogs. They are intelligent, brave, eager to learn, pretty submissive but also independent, sometimes stubborn.

They are recommended to sportive persons, with experience in raising dogs, who can offer to dogs, the possibility to make much exercise.

Dog breeds from this group