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It is a group which contains dog breeds with different origins, which were raised and selected to watch the persons, houses, properties, animal flocks - watchdogs.

Instinctively, the dog is watching the house of its master. During the thousands of years, due to the selections and careful, tenacious training, the watchdogs arrived to own remarkable qualities which allows them to accustom at different situations as: guard the country frontiers, rescue from water, under the rubbles in case of natural disasters, dopes tracking, following and catching the thieves, finding the missing persons, accompanying and protecting the children, accompanying and guiding the blind people. Along the time, these dogs were used as messengers, sentry of wars, for carrying munnition or dressing-case, equipments, to find hurt persons.

The dogs from this class are generally pretty big (there are also exceptions), lonely, gentle with friends and family, but aggressive when they are challenged. Besides the watchdog and protection dog functions, they are also good companions.

Who wants a dog from this class, must not forget about its sizes, its needs for food, space, training, which are bigger than for a small sized dog.

Dogs from this class are recommended especially to persons with experience in raising dogs, who understands the character and needs of dogs. It must be socialized since an early age, with a firm, consequent, varied training, but also friendly, a devoted and stable friend can be obtained.

Dog breeds from this group